Tecedeiras Country House History

Located on the south margin, about 5 miles upstream the village of Pinhão, using the Douro River as communication. Quinta da Teixeira or Teixeira Velha, was the name by which the wine estate was known until the end of the XXth century, period in which, by commercial reasons, the name Quinta das Tecedeiras was adopted.

Quinta das Tecedeiras

Origins of Quinta da Teixeira, Teixeira Velha or Tecedeiras

In the past, when the property was owned by the county of S. Pedro das Águias and, due to that fact, inhabited by nuns and monks, the only transformed products were linen and silkworm breeding. Nuns would weave linen and sell the productions. Being under domain of the Companhia de JESUS the property served also as sanctuary and refuge to persecuted politicians and persons charged with a common law offense, staying at the property and paying for their protection with manual work.

References to wine productions are lost in the past, however, one can see the property comes out in ancient editions of harvest records of companies to which their wines were sold.

Before the dam of Régua was built, the property had in its shore a “fishery ground” dated 1720, located using the north shore as reference, in front of the Roncão bridge. “Pesqueira” (fishery ground) was a slate stonework which entered the river and was used to place the Rabelo boats against it, in order to load the wine casks of treated wine, being referenced in old maps.

In the end of the XIXth century, with the death of the vineyards due to filoxera, the property subsisted due to olive oil and fruit production. With the resurgence of the vineyards in Douro, a few areas were rehabilitated, and new ones were planted. Other vineyard areas remained abandoned (murtórios) or were replaced with olive tree cultivation.

Today, when visiting the property, one can clearly see the symbiosis between old and new vineyards as well as the quite strong distinction of the location of the main crops of the property: vineyard and olive grove.

Quinta das Tecedeiras

The development of the wine sector and the undertaken works in partnership with tourist operators on the creation of recreational activities in the region increased the number of requests we had in the past. In order to grant these new requests, enlarging our offer, houses in ruins in the property needed to be restored, as well as the infra-structures (essentially the tracks, but also the landing place and the slate walls). A swimming-pool and the respective leisure area are also in project.

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